How to request Ivermectin

Complete the Request Form


In accordance with the collaborative practice agreement established by the State of Tennessee TCA 63-10-908, we must collect information voluntarily provided by the patient.

Come to the Pharmacy


Due to a high demand, we request that you visit the pharmacy to let us know you are ready to get your medicine filled. As long as you have filled out the online form prior to your visit, we can get your medicine ready quickly upon arrival.

Call to Request Shipping


We can ship within the State of Tennessee, if you would prefer to get your medicine shipped to you, please call the pharmacy to let them know.


If you currently have Covid it is $55 for a 5 day supply. If you do not have covid, but want to have it as a preventative measure, we offer 30-pills at $95.

Shipping is $8.80.

No. The collaborative practice agreement only allows for the sell of Ivermectin in the state of Tennessee.

The dosing depends on whether or not you are using ivermectin to treat active covid or just as a preventative and also on your weight. Our pharmacist will consult you on the dosing at the pharmacy.

This is important for our pharmacist to calculate the correct dosing per person. 

Yes. The collaboritve practice agreement only allows for those over 18 to get ivermectin without a prescription.

Our pharmacist will be able to consult with you about your treatment plan.

Each patient will need to fill out their own form and can call the pharmacy to let us know who will be picking it up on their behalf.